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The Fantasia International Genre Film Festival once again returns in July 2008 to satisfy the enthusiastic and ever-growing crowds that will gather for the festival’s twelfth edition. After eleven editions, Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, already recognized as the most important genre-film festivals in North America and a leader on the international scene, is now considered a major and unique Canadian cultural alternative. Fantasia showcases a diversified programming, ranging from repertory movies to entertaining, commercially-oriented genre films. Our festival showcases movies of the imaginary and the imaginative.

In 2007, Fantasia turned out to be the most popular film festival in the province of Quebec. This commercial and critical success was notably based on the following characteristics:

  • Showcasing the best national genre cinema from more than 35 countries;
  • Screening an average of 130 long and 250 short features;
  • A loyal, enthusiastic and festive audience aged between 18-40 years old;
  • 81,000 attendees in 2007;
  • National advertising campaign and international coverage;
  • 30,000 copies of the festival program guide distributed across the province (2.93 readers-per-copy average);
  • 12,000 visitors per day to our Internet site, from all around the globe;
  • 100,000 copies of our free schedule.


A young and dedicated audience

demographic Age   Gender
14 - 18 6%      Male 60%
18 - 24 34%      Female 40%
25 - 29 33% Education  
30 - 39 23%      College 34%
40 + 4%      University 65%

Sponsorship And Promotional Opportunities:

The Fantasia Festival offers a distinct promotional opportunity for reaching a loyal, enthusiastic, adult audience. This powerful and unique opportunity guarantees the strongest visibility aimed not only at Fantasia’s prized audience (for 18 days in a row), but also at Montreal and the province’s entire youth demographic, through a distinctive national advertising campaign. Our Marketing Director will work closely with your company to provide a powerful impact through a number of tailor-made options from the list below, to suit your objectives within your budget.

  • Prominent visibility for more than 3,000,000 young Canadians with a media campaign that is overall worth $550,000 and comprised of a television (a $250,000 media value), radio (currently negotiating a deal with an important FM station group), Internet ($85,000), subways/bus shelters ($95,000) and print ($100,000) mixed-media campaign
  • Logo placement on the cover of 30,000 copies program guides
  • Advertisements strategically placed in our program guide
  • 60-second advertisements placed on the complementary DVD included with each program guide
  • Visibility in our free schedule: 100,000 copies of this foldout, full-colour schedule (not to be confused with the Program Guide)
  • The privilege of sponsoring specific films (with name mentioned before these films and company’s name printed on each movie ticket)
  • Product sampling at the cinema
  • Commercials on the big screen before selected films (notably in the Hall Theatre, with its 700-seat capacities)
  • Logo placement on our Metro advertising campaign in the Montreal subway system and strategically located bus shelters across downtown Montreal (a $95,000 media value)
  • Visibility and links on our Web site
  • VIP passes and tickets to Fantasia for your clients and/or employees
  • Visibility on our eye-catching, full-colour banner, which hangs across De Maisonneuve Street in the centre of downtown Montreal

Advertising Opportunities:

Fantasia Festival’s official program is a 140-page, full-colour glossy magazine-format guide to the films that are screened each year. 30,000 copies will notably be sold across the province at several video stores and by some of our retail advertisers for the price of $5. An advertisement placement on our complementary DVD will be offered to all advertisers and sponsors who take a full-page colour advertisement. This DVD will be previewed by tens of thousands of loyal filmgoers and their friends before, during and even after the festival.

For more information and rates, please contact :

Marc Lamothe
Director of Marketing
80 Queen street, Suite 301
Montreal (Quebec) Canada
H3C 2N5
Tel. 514 876 1760

Fantasia Festival Marketing
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