Come see why musical comedy SELL OUT! is being called “The best damn Malaysian film ever made”

Don’t be surprised if Malaysia’s musical comedy phenomenon Sell Out! – part of our new Camera Lucida section devoted to exceptionally radical and boundary-blasting genre pieces – becomes your favourite film of the festival. Taking pot shots at corporatization, reality TV, and the elusive, all-consuming quest for celebrity, Sell Out! focuses on high-minded talk show host Rafflesia (Jerrica Lai), whose intellectual approach isn’t winning over audiences (not to mention she’s becoming disillusioned with “those over-rated underachievers we call artists”). The network is threatening to cancel her – that is, until she accidentally manages to capture her peripherally famous poet ex-boyfriend dying on camera. A new idea for a reality show emerges – up close and personal interviews with everyday people on their deathbeds. Comedy! You can see how things are going to get horribly politically incorrect here, and that’s part of the fun. Hailed as the most biting comedy musical since Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Sell Out! may just inspire you to burst forth from your seats and exalt in the musical madness.

Winner of the Young Cinema Award for Alternative Vision at the Venice Film festival in 2008, this is the first feature for Malaysian filmmaker Yeo Joon Han, who also wrote all the songs himself. Check out this great blog post on Cinematic Concerns that explains why Sell Out! is “the best damn Malaysian film ever made”

SELL OUT! plays July 16th at 6:50pm in the Hall Theatre.
More information including film description, credits, images and trailer on the film page HERE.

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  1. this movie was AWESOME!
    but i forgot, who did they said picked it up for the DVD release?

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