DJ XL5’s Cataclysmic Zappin’ Party

For his fourteenth program of short films, DJ XL5 has selected over 20 intriguing items and slipped them in amid a mix of old TV ads, film snippets and bursts of static, to simulate a productive evening of channel surfing with the gang at home. In total, there are 21 shorts, including four World Premieres, three Internationals and many Montreal premieres.

Our American neighbours pass along us nine short that Donald Trump would probably not like. You will see the irreverent GODBLOCKED by Chadd Harbold, the sadistic and hilarious GIRL # 2 by David H. Jeffrey, a double program of HOLOGRAM COP and L.A. NINJA, c/o Calder Greenwood, and BUZZCUT, an enjoyable sensory mangling by Jon Rhoads. You'll also discover the intriguing COUPLES NIGHT by the Summers Brothers, John F. Beach & Jonathan Hoeg's THE ACCOMPLICE, Nicholas Santos's HOLIDAY FEAR, Joe Zerull's bloody CHEESE FRIES and a satire of artistic, WITHOUT ANSWER by William Papadin.

The United Kingdom has won five productions, including three adventures of Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield (BED SHEETS, LASER TOYS and THE MONSTER) and two animated pieces by Lee Hardcastle (BELKO EXPERIMENT and ERASERHEAD IN ONE MINUTE), a Zappin’ Party regular. South Korea makes its first foray into the world of DJ XL5 with two truly irreverent films, HO GU by Lee Sangseon and COOK COOK COOK by Sung Song Do. The Czech Republic is represented by a dash of black humour, the delirious HAPPY END by Jan Saska. From our own beautiful province, discover François Mercier's ingenious ROAD RUNNER, Daphnée Leduc-Laprise's EXPO 67 PSYCHOPATH, Alexandre Mullen's funny CTL-Z and the romantic comedy STOP OR ENCORE de Carnior. DJ XL5 is the only Fantasia programmer who gets thing started 20 minutes ahead of showtime. Wild trailers and musical oddities await those wise enough to arrive early!

- translated by Rupert Bottenberg

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