Celluloid Experiments 2017

The festival’s most psychedelic short-film program is back! Each year, Fantasia presents a showcase of the most audacious experimental short films. Give yourself over again this year to a fever dream defying the rules of time, sequence and logic. A spectacle of colour, sound and atmospheres, often amusing and on occasion unsettling. We’ve assembled for you a selection of 15 singular shorts that make up a journey to the heart of the imagination.

From Austria, we welcome the International Premiere of Lorenz Troebinger’s WATTMARCK, a Lovecraftian musical tale. Belgium brings us KL, by William Henne & Yann Bonnin, in which the whole is made up of the sum of its details, while in Lieven Vanhove’s NIMMER (Canadian Premiere), a couple’s woes are symbolized by a cinematic gulf. Michael Bartolomeo’s SOLVED will twist the heads of Rubiks Cube buffs, while his fellow American Andy Koeger works some alchemy in modern-day New Orleans with TYLER (International Premiere). France’s Pierre Feytis presents FILM, BEYONDER III, an enigma about a man who doesn’t like movies. The Swiss artist Otto Adler animates thousands of photos before our eyes in FORTGANG. Thaïs Odermatt’s Swiss-German co-production ZUFALL is a meditation on chance. From the U.K. come two International Premieres: the dog’s nightmare THURSDAY NIGHT, by Gonçalo Almeida, and TRANSMISSION, an Orwellian future envisioned by Varun Raman and Tom Hancock. JEUX DE LUMIÈRE (Canadian Premiere), by Quebec’s Anne-Marie Bouchard, plays with 16mm film extracts from 1930 through 1960.

Each spring, UQÀM’s design students organize Dérapage, a unique annual event of non-narrative audiovisual exploration in bite-sized bits under three minutes. From this year’s crop, we’ve selected LIFE IN PATTERNS by Vojtech Domlatil, COMPRESSION by Oliver Smith, MÉMOIRE by Maxime Prévost, and ENDE by TIND & Rawticks.

- translated by Rupert Bottenberg

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