Outer Limits of Animation 2017

Every year, Fantasia presents its program selecting some of the year’s very best animated short films from around the world. OUTER LIMITS OF ANIMATION opens the door to a unique journey, from childhood's discoveries to the insights of adulthood. For starters this year, the origins of the human species are explained by some of its newest participants, in IL ÉTAIT 3 FOIS (Julie Rembourille & Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, France). Seems the devil took a bite of Eve’s sinful apple too, in the raunchy, riotous THE GARDEN OF DELIGHTS (Alejandro Garcia Caballero, Mexico). A bird barks like a dog in BIRDY WOUAF WOUAF (Ayce Kartal, France), while pretty paper cut-outs illustrate unusual animal facts in UNTAMED TRUTHS (Sophie Marsh, U.K.). In Carol Beecher and Kevin D.A. Kurytnik’s historical fable of the Canadian fur trade, SKIN FOR SKIN (a world premiere), man is confronted by nature and must learn a hard lesson in profit and loss.

INHIBITUM, from Belgium’s Atelier Collectif, is a hilarious and infuriating review of true products too good to survive. An evening with friends deteriorates over music choices in DÉCIBELS (Léo Verrier, France). LE CLITORIS, by Quebec’s own Lori Malépart-Traversy, demands a little respect for the only human organ existing purely for pleasure. Meanwhile, in LA BITE (Jérôme Leroy & Pierre Tolmer, France), a vandal scrawls a dick on a wall, which leads to total social crisis. A man and a woman struggle through a confounding realm of impossibilities in Nicolas Fong’s YIN (Belgium). THE ABSENCE OF EDDY TABLE is a visual marvel from Norway’s Rune Spaans (TROLLHUNTER), based on the work of Canadian weird-art wunderkind Dave Cooper. With VIBRATO, France’s Sébastien Laudenbach (creator of THE GIRL WITHOUT HANDS) offers a sensual, poetic portrait of the Paris Opera’s Palais Garnier. RICHARD TWICE (Matthew Salton, USA) is an animated documentary revisiting a late-’60s folk duo’s lost album. And in Canadian animator Sam Chou’s FIRST SNOWFALL, two familiar foes face off for mastery of the universe. This ain’t Saturday morning anymore, kids.

- Rupert Bottenberg

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