International Science-Fiction Short Film Showcase 2017

Eight shorts from six countries comprise Fantasia’s 2017 showcase of provocative and character-driven international science-fiction works.

From the U.K., Stefano Nurra’s HUM (World Premiere) cleverly fuses contemporary quantum physics theory with the supernatural to deliver an unconventional look at grief. From the USA, Bridget Savage Cole’s SWELL (International Premiere) depicts a near-futureworld couple’s interpersonal rollercoaster invoked by a revolutionary new smartphone app that alters mood through sound. James Allen Smith’s extraordinary HASKELL (Canadian Premiere) shows us a trio of moments in the life of a man born with the ability to manipulate time. Gifted Fantasia veteran Michael Lippert’s MIRIAM IS GOING TO MARS (Canadian Premiere) is a powerful tale of family, schizophrenia and space exploration. Joe Lueben’s poetically moving THE SLEEPERS (International Premiere) introduces us to four female patients in a “sleep center”, where voluntary occupants are medicated into a dream state for 23 hours a day.

Canada’s HALEY (Quebec Premiere), the directorial debut of actor Corey Sevier (NORTH SHORE), sees a young father dragging himself across an eerie wilderness wasteland after his daughter vanishes in the pandemonium of a ferocious alien invasion. Spain’s AMO (North American Premiere), directed by Alex Gargot, tells the uncomfortable tale of an android programmer equally driven to replicate human anatomy and human intelligence, his instincts guiding the work into some chillingly dark places. Finally, Turkey and Denmark join forces to deliver Kaan Arici & Ismet Kurtulus’s bitingly satirical THE LAST SCHNITZEL (International Premiere). Chickens have been extinct for 200 years. Humanity is about to follow. Regardless, the president of the Grand Turkish Republic won’t allow his people to escape an imminently exploding Earth until someone brings him a schnitzel. Bon appetit!

- Mitch Davis

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