Born of Woman 2017

Fantasia’s showcase of intimate, auteur genre visions returns to celebrate the unconventional gaze with nine extraordinary works from seven countries.

Australia delivers a duo this year that address familial disconnects through very different means: In Monique Mulcahy’s MAN IN THE MOON (North American Premiere), a single mother in a remote farming community intercepts a bizarre transmission on her pocket radio, amplifying a range of concerns related to her teenaged son. Meanwhile an uncannily large moon hangs in the sky, day and night. Natalie James’ haunting and atmospheric CRESWICK (Canadian Premiere), an award winner at the Yarra Valley Film Festival, sees a woman returning to childhood fears when her aging father grows convinced that there’s a presence in his house.

From Canada, Anabelle Berkani’s politically-charged APOCALYPSE BABIES journeys with a pair of children through a murdered world. Amelia Moses’ potent UNDRESS ME (Quebec Premiere) gruesomely explores college-aged anxiety as a young freshman’s body and mind begin to fall apart after an awkward one-night-stand.

Longtime Fantasia veterans, Spanish stop-motion maestros Anna Solanas & Marc Riba (CANIS, VIOLETA) bring their heart-stoppingly powerful DEAD HORSES (Canadian Premiere) to our screen after winning awards at five festivals, including the Tehran International Animation Festival and VOC Premis i Mostra d'Audiovisual en català. It will hit you harder than you could possibly prepare for.

On to Mexico: a young girl discovers a tied-up boy in an abandoned house on her family’s land in Angelita Mendoza’s stunning THE LAST LIGHT (Canadian Premiere), winner of an Award of Merit, Special Mention at IndieFest.

New Zealand’s April Philips delivers the eerie REM (Canadian Premiere) in which a widowed security guard invites a disoriented homeless man into her home, discovering that he may possess a gift for premonition. Winner of eight awards, including Best Foreign Short at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival and a Bronze Medal for Best Sci-Fi at the Global Independent Film Awards.

U.S. filmmaker Justine Raczkiewicz plunges us into the surreal nucleus of a manic relationship between a medical-waste clean-up man and his foodie roommate, in the deliriously inspired WASTE (Canadian Premiere). Winner for Best Short at the Los Angeles IFS festival.

France closes the block with Anne Marie Puga & Jean Raymond Garcia’s elegantly dreamy and Rollin-esque A LITTLE AFTER MIDNIGHT (International Premiere), in which a young blind teacher in a mysterious art school - with a particularly occultist bend – attempts to steal a man’s eyes.

- Mitch Davis

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