SpectrumFest: Films from the Autism Spectrum

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Montreal’s own Spectrum Productions gives you a glimpse into the creativity and talent of local young people on the autism spectrum. These empowered youths reveal their diversity in interests and their originality in this unique screening event. Spectrum Productions sets out to empower young people on the autism spectrum through film and the result is a truly unique experience that is both endearing and inspiring.

This collection of shorts has something for everyone! Love science fiction? Then you will get a real kick out of ALIEN PART 3 by Austin Roach (2017). Or perhaps join Tristan Therien-Roussel’s journey to the beyond with TROUBLE IN THE ASTRAL PLANE (2017). Watch as some reluctant heroes save the world from a menacing horde of aliens in NEW AGE OF HEROES (2016) by Sam Clarke and Jordan Astles. Animation is more your cup of tea? You’ll love Jordan Astles’ LEGO PETER’S KITCHEN DISASTER! (2016). These are just some of the adventures featured in this delightful ensemble of short films made, starring and directed by local young filmmakers.

This is a truly unique screening experience – fun and inspiring at the same time. Come and discover why the Gazette, the CFM and Huffington Post all rave about the work that Spectrum Productions is doing, and see the fruits of their hard work firsthand!

- Justin Langlois


New Age of Heroes (2016) 16:35 mins. By Sam Clarke and Jordan Astles. A group of young boys are summoned by an old superhero to help protect the world from an alien threat.

Zunder’s Origin (2016). 3:45 mins By Phillipe Hoss-Gagnon. The story of how the legendary demi-god Zunder saved the Heavens and gained his powers.

Vacuum Man (2015) and Vacuum Man 2.0 (2016). 2:32 mins and 3:52 mins. By Robin Mahar. An adventure in the life of Vacuum Man, the superhero who sucks (literally)!

Owen The Sea Cowboy (2014). 2:47 mins. By Owen McDonough. Join Owen as he goes on a rip-roarin’ adventure through the High Seas with his aquarian animal friends.

The Kenners 3: Stars In Heaven (2015). 16:42 mins. By Kevin Eugenio. Clint Kenner is reluctantly reunited with his much more successful brothers, leading to some tension and laughs.

Pac-Man (2014). 21 seconds. By Marco Macri. Waka waka waka!

MLG Meme (2015) 1:38 mins. By Sebastian Rempel and Aiden Holmes. A short story taking place in a world of MLG memes.

Meme Quest Ultimate (2016) 4:51 mins. By Aiden Holmes. A group of youngsters are tasked with a near impossible task; find the dankest of the Dank Memes!

Beethoven Octopus (2013) 3:14 mins. By William Mitchell. A first installment in the adventures of Beethoven Octopus, the legendary composer, as he squares off against his nemesis, Bach Squid.

Papersons Episode 2 (2016) 3:26 mins. By Brendan Mirajello-Giglio. A young man is sucked into an animated world and is tasked with saving the world before it is erased for good.

Trouble In The Astral Plane (2016) 3:40 mins. By Tristan Therien-Roussel. A man experiments with a radical form of meditation only to be sucked through multiple weird and scary dimensions.

Floating Heads (2016) 2:09 mins. By Ani Morrow. A day in the life of, you guessed it, a group of floating heads.

Pizza Hypnotics (2015) 2:33 mins. By David Riverin. A young man eats too much pizza, and finds himself in another dimension.

Music Through The Mouth 1 (2014) and 2 (2015) 1:59 mins and 2:40 mins. By Anthony Campoli. Two musical pieces made by sampling and editing various human voices.

Milkies (2015) 3:18 mins. By Michael Geurreri. A strange and surreal adventure involving milk, a nefarious secret society, and Donald Trump!

Aaron Is Cool 23 (2015) 43 seconds. By Aaron Itzkovitz. A musical list.

2 Stupid Dogs (2014) 2:26 mins. By Mathieu Dutaud. A duo of dogs are brought to a new home, only to cause chaos at the man’s barbecue.

Alien 3 (2016) 3:01 mins. By Austin Roach. A mission in outerspace goes horribly wrong as the crew of a large spaceship find there is a horrible creature amongst them.

Michael Sings Whatever He Wants (2015) 2:21 mins. By Michael Geurreri. An infomercial for a cool new album!

A Day In Minecraft (2016) 54 seconds. By Max Lachapelle. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

Garfield Can’t Mind His Own Business (2016) 38 seconds. By Nathanial Palermo. A series of sketches inspired by the comic strip.

Lego Peter’s Kitchen Disaster (2015) 34 seconds. By Jordan Astles. A cooking show is interrupted by rock monsters!

Basketball Rivalry (2016) 5:47 mins. By Leo Clark. A young man is taken under the wing of a basketball master as he trains to beat the best player on the streets.

Badtoons Invasion (2016) 2:03 mins. By Lucas Leroy. Cerclus and the Luckytoons must help the citizens of Geotown defend themselves against the dreaded Badtoons.

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