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Having lost her job and boyfriend, Gloria (Anne Hathaway) decides to leave New York and return to her childhood home in Middle America. Shortly after having moved in, she catches a news report that tells of a giant monster terrorizing Seoul night after night, the spirit of which might be psychically linked to her. To avoid any further catastrophe, Gloria will need to discover how her own seemingly trivial existence can have so many repercussions on the world and its future.

For his fourth feature film, Spanish writer/director Nacho Vigalondo continues to reinvent himself through is genre of choice, sci-fi. Following the highly creative TIMECRIMES, EXTRATERRESTRE, OPEN WINDOWS or even V/H/S: VIRAL, he comes up with COLLOSSAL, a rich, unique and insanely effective piece of work. Nothing is predictable in this film that subtly navigates through the themes of addiction, responsibility and the social repercussions of our actions. The mix of genres is perfectly measured, moving from laughter to tears between scenes of suspense where everything seems possible.

In casting Gloria and her childhood friend Oscar, Nacho Vigalondo opted for Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, two world-renowned American actors who portray characters that break away from their typical personas. Not a comedy, a horror film nor a superhero picture, COLLOSSAL is all three at once and much more, taking us into a distorted world where the roaming monsters have never been more human.

- translated by Guillaume Desbiens

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