Another WolfCop

Canadian Premiere
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Hosted by Writer/Director Lowell Dean, and Actors Amy Matysio and Leo Fafard

Official Selection: Fantastic Fest 2016, /Slash Film Festival 2017, Absurde Seance Film Festival 2017

“Fun, gory and hilarious... improves upon the original in nearly every way” - Trace Thurman, BLOODY DISGUSTING

When we last left the sleepy Saskatchewan town of Woodhaven, they had just gotten a new mayor (who looks a lot like the guy who made YOGA HOSERS), a new, economy-boosting brewery courtesy of billionaire Sydney Swallows, and a new name in law enforcement – WOLFCOP! They've also got a new problem, with deadly shapeshifters infiltrating the town's crime scene and some suspicious activities taking place at the new Chicken Milk Stout brewery. The investigation by Lou Garou/Wolfcop (Leo Fafard) and his former partner/now sheriff (Amy Matysio) leads to a lot of dead bodies, some pretty hot lycan-on-human sex, the return of Wolfcop's best buddy Willie (the scene-stealing Jonathan Cherry) from his alien abduction with an unwanted new appendage, and a lot of downed Liquor Donuts. This, dear Montrealers, is what Canadian cinema should really be all about: monster cops, aliens, robots and lots and lots of senseless sex and violence. Viva ANOTHER WOLFCOP!

The question of ANOTHER WOLFCOP making its way to Fantasia 2017 was never in doubt, and we're proud to be hosting the Canadian premiere of this most Canadian of movies. Fans of the 2014 original will be happy to learn that ANOTHER WOLFCOP takes everything that was fun about the first movie and amps it up big time, making this a rare sequel that outdoes the original. The laughs are bigger, the violence is bloodier, the tone is more outrageous, and we think Wolfcop's dick got bigger, too (not sure about that one). It's all in the name big, stupid fun, and ANOTHER WOLFCOP will have Fantasia audiences howling in approval.

- Matthew Kiernan

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