For its 20th edition, Fantasia Film Festival is pleased to have over 75 Directors, producers, and Actors in Montreal from July 14th to August 3rd. As usual, the Festival will welcome filmmakers from all around the world, notably from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Argentina, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, and many others.

Complete Guest List - Fantasia 2016

By film – International feature films

  • À la recherche de l’Ultra-sex (France)
    Gerard Kikoïne (Director)
  • Americana (USA)
    Zachary Shedd (Director/Writer)
  • Another Evil (USA)
    Riel Roch Decter, Sebastian Pardo (Producers)
  • As the Gods Will (Japan) Terraformars (Japan)
    Takashi Miike (Director) Misako Saka (Producer)
  • Bad Blood (USA)
    Tim Reis (Director)
  • Bed of the Dead (Canada)
    Jeff Maher (Director/Writer) Alysa King and Colin Price (Actors) Cody Calahan(Writer/Producer) Chad Archibald and Christopher Giroux (Producers)
  • Before I Wake (USA)
    Mike Flanagan (Director/Writer)
  • Creature Designers : The Frankenstein Complex (France)
    Guillermo del Toro (Director)
  • Don't Breathe (USA)
    Fede Alvarez (Director/Writer)
  • Embers (USA/Poland)
    Claire Carré (Director/Writer) Charles Spano (Writer/producer)
  • Familyhood (South Korea)
    Kim Tae-gon
  • For the Love of Spock (USA)
    Adam Nimoy (Director)
  • The Greasly Strangler (USA)
    Sky Elobar (Actor)
  • I am Not a Serial Killer (Ireland)
    Christopher Lloyd (Actor)
  • If There's a Hell Below (USA)
    Nathan Williams (Director/Writer)
  • Kidnap Capital (Canada)
    Felipe Rodriguez (Director/Writer) Pedro Miguel Arce, Micheal Reventar, Paulino Nunes and Juan Carlos Velis (Actors)
  • La Rage du Démon (Fury of the Demon) (France)
    Fabien Delage (Director/Writer)
  • Lace Crater (USA)
    Adam Kritzer (producer)
  • Lazy Hazy Crazy (Tung baan tung hok) (Hong Kong)
    Yee-sum (Jodi) Luk (Director/Writer)
  • Let Me Make you a Martyr (USA)
    Marilyn Manson (Actor/producer) John Swab and Corey Asraf (Directors/Writers/producers) Sam Quartin (Actor/producer) Gore Abrams, George Carroll, Brett Swab (Actors)
  • Library Wars: The Last Mission (Japan)
    Shinsuke Sato (Director)
  • Little Sister (USA)
    Zach Clark (Director/Writer) Barbara Crampton (Actress)
  • Lowlife Love (Japan)
    Eiji Uchida (Director) Denden/Yoshihiro Ogata (Actor)
  • Man Underground (USA)
    Michael Borowiec (Director/Writer) Sam Marine (Director/Writer)
  • Operation Avalanche (Canada)
    Matt Johnson (Director/Writer/Actor)
  • Parasites (USA)
    Chad Ferrin (Director/Writer)
  • Psychonauts, The Forgotten Children (Psiconautas, los niños olvidados) (Spain)
    Pedro Rivero (Director/Writer)
  • Realive (aka Project Lazarus) (Spain/France)
    Mateo Gil (Director/Writer)
  • Red Christmas (Australia)
    Craig Anderson (Director/Writer/Producer) Dee Wallace and Janis McGavin (Actors)
  • Rupture (Canada/USA)
    Steven Shainberg (Director/Writer)
  • She's Allergic to Cats (USA)
    Michael Reich (Director) Mike Pinkney (Actor)
  • Ski Patrol (USA)
    Hubert Gagnon (Actor/Voice)
  • Skiptrace (Hong Kong)
    Ben David Grabinski (Writer)
  • Some Freaks (USA)
    Ian MacAllister-McDonald (Director/Writer) Thomas Mann, Lachlan Buchanan, Lily Mae Harrington and Ely Henry (Actors)
  • Summer Land Lost : A Ghost Story in Progress (USA)
    Grady Hendrix (Writer/spoken-word performance)
  • Superpowerless (USA)
    Duane Anderson (Director/Writer) Josiah Polhemus, Amy Prosser (Actors)
  • Tank 432 (UK)
    Nick Gillespie (Director)
  • The Alchemist Cookbook (USA)
    Joel Potrykus (Director/Writer)
  • The Dwarvenaut (USA)
    Josh Bishop (Director) Stefan Pokorny (subject)
  • The Master Cleanse (Canada/USA)
    Bobby Miller (Director)
  • The Top Secret: Murdered in Mind (Japan)
    Keishi Otomo (Director)
  • The Unseen (Canada)
    Geoff Redknap (Director/Writer) Camille Sullivan (Actress)
  • Therapy (France)
    Nathan Ambrosini (Director/Writer)
  • Toxic le Ravageur (USA)
    Lloyd Kaufman (Director/Writer)
  • Trash Fire (USA)
    Ricky Bates Jr. (Director) AnnaLynne McCord (Actress)
  • We Go On (USA)
    Andy Mitton (Director/Writer) Jay Dunn (Actor)
  • White Coffin (Argentina)
    Arelis Ruiz (producer)
  • Yoga Hosers (USA)
    Kevin Smith (Director/Writer) Harley Quinn Smith (Actress)

By film – Quebec films

  • Atom HorroX
    Pat Tremblay (Director)
  • Délivrez-nous du mal
    Jean-Claude Lord (Director)
  • Écartée
    Lawrence Côté-Collins (Director) (Actors)
  • Feuilles Mortes
    Thierry Bouffard, Steve Landry et Edouard A.Tremblay (Directors) Roy Dupuis (Actor)
  • Fleur Bleue (The Apprentice)
    Larry Kent (Director)
  • King Dave
    Daniel Grou/Podz (Director) Alexandre Goyette (Actor/Co-Writer) Nicole Robert (Productrice)
  • Mon Ami Dino
    Jimmy Larouche (Director) Dino Tavarone et Michel Côté (Actors)

By film – International short films

  • Break my Bones (USA)
    Anthony Collamati (Director/Writer) David Graham Haynes (Writer)
  • Clouds (Canada)
    Diego MacLean (Director)
  • Death Metal (USA)
    Chris McInroy (Director)
  • Eveless (Canada)
    Vin Kridakorn (Actor)
  • Lonely Lil: American Father Figure (USA)
    Ri Vertseegh (Writer/Co-Director/Actress)
  • No Touching (USA)
    Adam Davis et Will Corona Pilgrim (Directors/Writers)
  • Overtime (Australia)
    Craig D. Foster (Director)
  • Pyotr495 (Canada/Allemagne)
    Blake Mawson (Director/Writer)
  • Shorty (USA)
    Anna Zlokovic (Director/Writer)
  • Skin (USA)
    Jessica Makinson (Director/Writer)
  • Snake bite (USA)
    Tim Hyten (Director/Writer) Andrew Fox (Actor)
  • Static (Canada)
    Tanya Lemke (Director/Writer)
  • The Elvis Room (USA)
    Andrew Schwarz (Director)
  • The Itching (USA)
    Dianna Bellino (Director/Writer)
  • The Man Who Caught a Mermaid (Australie)
    Kaitlin Tinker (Director)
  • The Stylist (USA)
    Jill Gevargizian (Director/Writer)
  • Venefica (USA)
    Maria Wilson (Director/Writer/Actress)