Denix Héroux Award: Jean-Claude Lord


The career of Jean-Claude Lord is an inspiring one, marked by a delight in telling stories while provoking reflection on society. At age 20 his first screenplay, TROUBLE-FÊTE, was directed by Pierre Patry. At 22, he directed his first feature, DELIVREZ-NOUS DU MAL. His second film, 1972’s LES COLOMBES, was an enormous popular success. BINGO, one of the first thrillers from Quebec, was upon its release one of the province’s greatest successes. While PANIQUE denounced corruption, PARLEZ-NOUS D’AMOUR cast a harsh light on the cruelty of the artistic milieu. Lord’s first English-language film, VISITING HOURS, hit 1000 screens in the U.S. in 1982.

Since the 1980s, Lord has explored numerous genres, including drama, horror, science fiction, the family film, the thriller, the musical and documentary. He is also credited with creating the “série lourde” in Quebec with LANCE ET COMPTE in 1986. The PASSE-PARTOUT generation remembers him for LA GRENOUILLE ET LA BALEINE. Active to this day, Lord recently directed the series LES JEUNES LOUPS and numerous episodes of 30 VIES, and will launch a new series this summer. The Fantasia International Film Festival is proud to present Jean-Claude Lord with the first Denis Héroux Award, a prize that recognizes exceptional contribution to the development of genre cinema and independent cinema from Quebec.