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The Devil’s Candy

Quebec Premiere
  • USA
  • 2015
  • 79 mins
  • DCP
  • English
Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival 2015, Sitges Film Festival 2015, Fantastic Fest 2015

“A deliciously over-the-top satanic horror flick with heavy doses of gore, metal and most surprisingly – heart” – Chris Bumbray, JO BLO

“Characters to root for, a clever narrative, and a spot-on mix of scares – those that are brimming with energy and others that’ll seep in and mess with your head” – Perri Nemiroff, COLLIDER

Struggling artist Jesse, his wife Astrid and their daughter Zooey buy a dream home – that they never could have afforded were its price not brought down significantly due to the horrors of its past. Shortly after moving in, Jesse’s art begins to… change. He begins to hear voices. One day, the unstable son of the home’s former owners shows up at their door, electric guitar in hand, insisting on being allowed to return home. They refuse to let him in. The voices start getting louder. The prodigal son is coming home, come literal hell or high water. The devil has a claim to collect. Bodies will break.

Tasmanian filmmaker Sean Byrne’s award-winning 2009 debut THE LOVED ONES made him an instant hero of the genre. For his sophomore feature, Byrne came to the U.S. and, counter to what normally happens in these situations, he’s made a film ten times more intense and surprising. THE DEVIL’S CANDY is scary. Seriously scary. And seriously fresh. It’s the work of a filmmaker who brings everything to the table – inspired, atmospheric mise-en-scene, strong character writing, cliché-obliterating happenings and a visceral grasp of true horror that will rivet all comers. A vivid new take on the Satanic haunted-house thriller by way of a home-invasion siege nightmare, complete with a ferociously effective doom-metal sound design that will have the cinema’s walls shaking with demonic force to match Byrne’s exhilarating storytelling chops, THE DEVIL’S CANDY is coming to collect you.

— Mitch Davis