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Canadian Premiere
  • France
  • 2015
  • 82 mins
  • DCP
  • French
Official Selection: L’Étrange Festival 2015

«  Un phénomène fantastique-absurde-poétique-chronique de campagne » - Marie T., FILMS HORREUR

Let’s try to objectively summarize the events that took place during this improbable incident. On a beautiful summer day, television host Bernard Montiel (playing himself) decides to follow the wrong country road and ends up trapped in his car. This seemingly trivial event happens at the same time as a rather curious creature makes its entrance into the story. Coincidence? Anything’s possible. In any case, this humanoid being (an elk, it must be said, with a plush head) quickly crosses paths with Shelby, a young girl who lives in a nearby village, and she invites it into her home without telling her parents. Impossible to get by unnoticed, it quickly creates havoc in the neighbourhood. An expert on supernatural phenomena arrives on the scene to try and solve the mystery of the elk. According to him, one thing is clear: we are dealing with large-scaled conspiracy in which all is connected, including Bernard Montiel…

You’ll probably have guessed that delirium reigns in L’ÉLAN, the deliciously absurd comedy from Etienne Labroue, a collaborator of the famous French TV series LES GUIGNOLS DE L’INFO. Part mockumentary, conspiracy theory and fantasy fable, this promising debut feature bursts with rather surprising imagination. Going full-throttle with the wildness of his ideas, Labroue doesn’t shy away from creating twisted situations implicating a merry band of eccentric characters. He even succeeds in touching our hearts by telling the story of a stranger in a strange land, in search of a family. Without spoiling anything, remember that the elk is the only animal with the ability to cry. Not far off from Quentin Dupieux’s universe, this exhilarating feature simply deserves to become a cult classic.

— Simon Laperrière