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White Coffin ("Ataúd blanco")

World Premiere
  • Argentina
  • 2016
  • 70 mins
  • DCP
  • Spanish
  • English (subtitles)
World Premiere

While on the road in search of a better life, Virginia (Julieta Cardinali of NECROPHOBIA 3D) and her daughter Rebecca stop at an isolated gas station. Suddenly, Rebecca vanishes and Virginia is plunged into a frantic search for her beloved daughter. Faced with every parent’s worst nightmare, she frantically searches for clues, attempting to piece together her daughter’s location. On her search she encounters two other women, Angela and Patricia, who are on the same desperate mission. The closer Virginia gets to unraveling the disappearance of her daughter, the more supernatural forces seem to surround her as she discovers a religious sect, a history of tortuous rituals dating back decades, and an enigmatic man (Rafael Ferro of MEMORY OF THE DEAD) who gives her clues to her daughter’s whereabouts. Buckets of blood are spilt and Viriginia is faced with the question — to what lengths would I go to save my loved one?

This compelling Argentinian action-horror-road movie crossover is helmed by veteran director Daniel De la Vega (NECROPHOBIA) and masterfully written by the legendary García Bogliano brothers (COLD SWEAT, PENUMBRA, SCHERZO DIABOLICO). The film brilliantly offers a unique experience that is both novel and reminiscent of the golden age of action horror movies of the 1980s. The horrors that transpire are claustrophobic, gruesome, and strangely supernatural. WHITE COFFIN champions the action-horror ethos of films such as PHANTASM and delivers shocks that are visceral and unsettling in their brutality. This film delivers some serious punches, digging deep and climatically revealing the mystery of the white coffin.

— Justin Langlois