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World Premiere
  • USA
  • 2016
  • 80 mins
  • DCP
  • English
Hosted by Director/Co-Writer Duane Andersen and Actors Josiah Polhemus & Amy Prosser

Superpowerless Trailer from Duane Andersen on Vimeo.

There was a time when Bob was the reigning master of his city. Having discovered that he possessed superpowers at an early age, he followed the example of his comic-book heroes and used them to society’s benefit, a decision that has made him a champion feared by his enemies and admired by the public. A living legend, he relentlessly went after criminals with a smile on his face. Today, Bob is but a shadow of his former self. Like many others, he’s plagued by the self-reflection of midlife crisis. The difference is that this difficult period coincides with the loss of what it was that made him such an extraordinary being. His Herculean strength and incredible resistance to blows have both vanished. Having retired his uniform, he wanders the streets he once helped protect in drunken stupor, increasingly worrying his girlfriend Mimi. When an old sidekick publishes a memoir, Bob suddenly feels the urgent need to commit his exceptional life journey to paper. He’s about to go through an introspective experience that will make him revisit his past and hopefully permit him to finally take the warrior’s rest he’s looking for.

While a certain Zack recently crashed and burned at the helm of a super-production, Duane Andersen’s SUPERPOWERLESS offers a fresh perspective on the iconic superhero. Setting aside action sequences, he uses humour and sincerity to paint a portrait of a fallen man seeking insight into his life’s meaning. Bob’s woes are brilliantly brought to life by Josiah Polhemus, a talented actor whose presence alone is enough to generate a few tears. Freely making fun of the genre’s conventions, SUPERPOWERLESS is above all an inspiring tale about the dormant strength present within us all. It’ll make you believe that a man can fly, fall down and get back up again…

— Simon Laperrière