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We Go On

Canadian Premiere
  • USA
  • 2016
  • 89 mins
  • DCP
  • English
WINNER: Audience Award, Best Feature, Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Cinequest 2016, Cleveland International Film Festival 2016

Hosted by Screenwriter / Co-Director Andy Mitton and Actor Jay Dunn

“A genuinely excellent genre film… scary, bold and incredibly naturalistic in the most refreshing sense possible” – Ken W. Hanley, FANGORIA

“A near-perfect exploration of the afterlife that deserves to be the biggest horror crossover hit since THE SIXTH SENSE” – Niki Boyle, WOW 24/7

How far would you go to conquer your fears? Miles Grissom (Clark Freeman) is willing to go $30,000 far, offering the considerable sum as payment to anyone who can squelch his paralyzing fear of death by showing him proof of any sort that life may go on after we die. A ghost, a provable past-life memory, an unexplainable series of events with impossible yet clear and consistent links, anything at all that cannot be faked or debunked. His classified ad brings on thousands of responses. Almost all are clearly frauds. Three may not be. Miles needs to meet with them each. Despite his nagging dread. Despite his mother’s protests. For better or for worse, Miles is going to find the answer he’s been looking for.

Engrossingly intelligent and character-driven, imbued of stunning curves and surprises, and full-on frightening all over the place, WE GO ON is one of the most gripping paranormal explorations that cinema has seen in years. It fascinates and thrills like few do, with such staggering personality and wit that you’ll be smiling from ear to ear as you follow it down its very singular rabbit hole, even while your blood runs cold with fear. Co-directors Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland (YELLOWBRICKROAD) have made something truly original and special. Fronting their remarkable cast, Freeman is just terrific and Annette O’Toole (CAT PEOPLE, SMALLVILLE), always a joy, shines as Miles’ endearingly protective mother. An absolute triumph of resourceful independent filmmaking, WE GO ON is one of 2016’s most towering must-see miracles of the genre.

— Mitch Davis