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International Premiere
  • USA
  • 2016
  • 98 mins
  • DCP
  • English
Official Selection: Los Angeles International Film Festival 2016

“Highly stylized and deeply imaginative” - Reggie Peralta, FILM BOOK

“A refreshing and daringly ambitious modern horror” - J. Carlos Menjivar, WE ARE INDIE HORROR

“We have actually never seen anything like this” - Christopher M. Jimenez, SINFUL CELLULOID

Abattoir from Festival Fantasia on Vimeo.

“How do you build a haunted house?” The job of real-estate reporter Julia Talben (90210’s Jessica Lowndes) is set on a hellish new path when her family is savagely murdered. In freakishly short time, the house — the crime scene — has gone up for sale, and when Julia goes by for a final look, she’s horrified to discover that the entire “murder room” where her family was slaughtered has been torn out of the building. Using the investigatory tools of her trade, she discovers that this has been happening a number of times — random killings, home purchased, kill room torn out of the structure. The common thread? A mysterious buyer by the name of Jebediah Crone (SON OF ANARCHY’s Dayton Callie).

Haunting the netherworld between blood-soaked supernatural horror and hardboiled neo-Noir, Darren Lynn Bousman’s latest feature is something new from a renegade filmmaker who’s consistently prided himself on doing things differently. Augmenting ABATTOIR’s ghoulishly original concept, Bousman sought a hyper-stylized range of performances from his leads, whom he directed to act as if they were appearing in a ’40s-era production circa Bogart and Bacall, contrasting against the modern settings that surround them, lending the proceedings a unique time-out-of-space atmosphere that further enhances the uncanny dreaminess of it all. Co-starring beloved genre vet Lin Shaye (CRITTERS, INSIDIOUS) and ACROSS THE UNIVERSE’s Joe Anderson. If you loved Bousman’s REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA, THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL and/or his string of SAW films, to name a feverish few, carve ABATTOIR into your skinlist and prepare to have your foundations shaken.

— Mitch Davis