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Little Sister

Canadian Premiere
  • USA
  • 2016
  • 91 mins
  • DCP
  • English
Hosted by Writer / Director Zach Clark and Actress Barbara Crampton

Official Selection: SXSW 2016, Boston Underground Film Festival 2016

“Sweetly funky and improbably pure-hearted” - Guy Lodge, VARIETY

“Magnificently demented” - Don Simpson, SMELLS LIKE SCREEN SPIRIT

“A high-concept study in faith made blasphemous with toxic humour” - Sean L. Malin, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

It’s Halloween of 2008. On the eve of his inauguration, Obama is all over the television set, filling the air with promise of brighter things to come. Colleen Lunsford (Addison Timlin) is also hopeful. Once a goth kid, she is now a young novitiate at Sisters of Mercy and will soon be a nun. When she gets an urgent message from her estranged mother, her self-imposed exile is interrupted: her brother has come back from his tour in Iraq. At the family home, Colleen finds her goth-y room left intact and her pothead mom (Ally Sheedy) and dad (Peter Hedges) as pathetic as ever. She also discovers that her brother is now a heavily disfigured recluse. If God created the Universe in six days, surely she can make things right in five… Right?

Zach Clark (MODERN LOVE IS AUTOMATIC, WHITE REINDEER) is back with his fifth and probably best feature yet. A delightful and idiosyncratic black comedy about family, black lipstick, recreational drugs, and metal bands from one’s youth, LITTLE SISTER is also an ode to difference, to the hardship of finding grace in adversity and of making peace with the monster within. Opening on a Marilyn Manson quote, and only getting better from there, Clark’s latest unfolds with all of the awkward comedy and understated pathos he’s accustomed us to — somewhere between Todd Solondz and THE ADDAMS FAMILY, all the while deepening the auteur’s affectionate fascination for the atypical, marginal and broken characters that make America today. In short, LITTLE SISTER is perhaps the American indie comedy of the year, made with love for all the ghouls and the misunderstood kids out there!

— Ariel Esteban Cayer