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Nova Seed

Quebec Premiere
  • Canada
  • 2016
  • 64 mins
  • DCP
  • English

Nova Seed Trailer HD 30s from House of Cool on Vimeo.

The world is threatened by the diabolical Dr. Mindskull, and the powers that be plan to confront him with a ferocious champion. Plucked from a bloody gladiatorial arena, the lion-man Nac (“Neo Animal Combatant”) is cuffed and pressed into service. Brought deep into the desert, Nac escapes his captors with the prize everyone wants in his clutches. But what, or who, is it? Meanwhile, a merciless bounty hunter is stalking Nac — deep into Dargon Territory!

It’s bio-warrior beast-man versus wasteland warlock in this totally hand-drawn, homemade, kitchen-table cartoon mini-masterpiece, shamelessly wallowing in vintage Saturday-morning science-fantasy fun. With all-vocal sound effects and a score that’s strictly thrift-shop synthesizer, NOVA SEED is the ne plus ultra of do-it-yourself animation. It’s all but entirely the work of one guy, Nick DiLiberto, a Canadian living in Japan. But the hard work that brutalized his hands — some 60,000 drawings over four years — gives NOVA SEED greater cohesion than many major-studio cartoons, and it outdoes many more with its unaffected, irony-free charm and cool, steady energy. Recalling Bakshi, Topor, HEAVY METAL and the doodle frenzies of Bill Plympton, NOVA SEED could be the kernel of a career to watch!

— Rupert Bottenberg