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Un petit boulot

World Premiere
  • France
  • 2016
  • 100 mins
  • DCP
  • French

When the factory employing practically everyone in town suddenly closes, Jacques and all his friends find themselves penniless. While several move out, others find little jobs around town. Things are tough for Jacques. His wife left him, his debts are piling up and he can’t find work to save his life. A change of pace occurs when Gardot, a local mobbed-up bookie, asks Jacques to kill his wife in exchange for clearing his massive gambling debt. Jacques has no choice but to accept. What was supposed to be a one-time deal soon becomes routine. In spite of himself, Jacques is starting to develop a taste for it, which turns out to be fortunate for Gardot, who happens to have several contracts for him.

Pascal Chaumeil learned the cinematic ropes beside Luc Besson. Having notably worked as assistant director on THE PROFESSIONAL, he was placed in charge of the second unit for THE FIFTH ELEMENT and THE MESSENGER. But it’s directing the romantic comedy L’ARNACOEUR in 2010 that really made his career explode. Five years later, he once again joins forces with Romain Duris to give us the black comedy UN PETIT BOULOT. Forming a dynamite team, their shared chemistry supercharges the screen. This time, they’re joined by none other than Michel Blanc. In addition to splitting screen time with Duris, the latter wrote the script. Blanc thought up a very funny story with delicious dialogue, to deliver smartly written movie that takes sharp shots at capitalism and conformity. With UN PETIT BOULOT, Pascal Chaumeil brings all the right elements together to surpass the success of L’ARNACOEUR. He delivers a funny, entertaining and original movie the will stay with you long after viewing. Unfortunately, Mr. Chaumeil won’t have the honour of seeing his work soar to the top, as he sadly passed away after wrapping shooting of the film.

— Éric S. Boisvert