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International Premiere
  • USA
  • 2015
  • 100 mins
  • DCP
  • English
Hosted by Director/Screenwriter Zachary Schedd

WINNER: Best Feature Film, Low East Side Film Festival
Official selection: Seattle International Film Festival 2016

“It's a story of addiction, grief and the often futile search for meaning that hits like a gut shot from a .45” -Daniel Nash, CITY LIVING SEATTLE

AMERICANA (Teaser Trailer) from Flies Collective on Vimeo.

Avery Wells (David Call) finds himself isolated and alone, drowning his sorrows and haunted by his past in a cabin far from the beaten path. Drunk and dilapidated, he’s visited by his longtime producer friend (Jack Davenport of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and KINGSMEN) and his starlet sibling (Kelli Garner of HORNS and LARS AND THE REAL GIRL), who pull him back into the industry limelight to edit their newest big-budget feature. An eruption of violence mars the production and Avery finds himself once again forlorn and searching for answers at the bottom of a bottle. When a strange connection emerges between the tragedy and their producer, Wells becomes obsessed with the mystery and desperately tries to connect the pieces. His digging begins to reveal of a conspiracy that seems to have ties to the film, and to his own dark past.

Zachary Shedd’s dark, beautifully brooding neo-noir drags the viewer into the depths of Avery’s addiction, and with every twist and turn becomes even more calculated and compelling. David Call, a small-screen regular (SMASH, GOSSIP GIRL), steps up to a feature-film lead role and delivers. His brilliant performance is matched by marvelous turns from Davenport, Garner, Peter Coyote (E.T. , A WALK TO REMEMBER) and Frank Mosley (AIN’T THEM BODY SAINTS, UPSTREAM COLOR), who steep the film in dramatic authenticity. That, along with the film’s haunting imagery and soundtrack, make for a mystery as hard to forget as it is to unravel.

— Justin Langlois