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International Science Fiction Short Film Showcase 2016

Fantasia’s annual International science-fiction short film showcase is back, bringing you eight compelling and emotionally resonant works of the genre, hailing from Australia, Canada, Estonia, Spain and the United States. From the USA, Michael Lippert’s REVERSAL (Canadian premiere) follows an aging inventor nearing the end of his life as he desperately uses a 16mm time-travel device in multiple attempts to prevent his wife’s murder, barreling towards a place where determination and reversal film stock collide. Marc Jozefowicz, & Alex Feldman’s ETERNITY HILL takes us into a near future where the combined personal data pulled from NSA surveillance and our own social media will give us the option of creating virtual “denizens” of ourselves that can live on in our places after we die. Now, the creator of the pioneering software at the heart of this technology is nearing his own time of death… Conor Holt, whose A BETTER LIFE screened with us two years ago, returns to Fantasia with ALTERNATE (international premiere), in which a lonely man interfaces with a simulation device to experience a series of alternate realities. David Gaddie’s BEAUTIFUL DREAMER (International premiere) is a fantastical and heartbreaking adaption of Ken Liu’s short story that sees a dying mother bend time in order to watch her daughter grow up across precious, short visitations.

From Estonia, Carlos Lesmes’s TAKE OFF (Canadian premiere) sees the captain of an intergalactic geology team stranded on an uninhabited desert planet. Weak from thinning oxygen, he makes contact through a wormhole with a seven-year-old child on Earth… A rare example of Estonian science-fiction filmmaking. Spanish filmmaker Javier Chillon, creator of past Fantasia favourites DECAPODA SHOCK and DIE SCHNEIDER KRANKHEIT, returns with THEY WILL ALL DIE IN SPACE (Montreal premiere), a visually striking, award-winning sci-fi thriller that’s screened at over 130 festivals to date. From Australia, Sean Bell’s F MEAT (World premiere) is a smart and philosophically confrontational film in which the CEO of a synthetic meat corporation puts everything on the line. In Canadian filmmaker Leah Johnston’s INGRID AND THE BLACK HOLE (Quebec premiere), two children who will grow to know each other throughout their lives contemplate what it could be like to travel through time together. It’s a poignant and imaginatively constructed film that just may leave you in tears.

For complete details on the films in this program, go here.