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The Top Secret: Murder in Mind ("Himitsu the Top Secret")

World Premiere
  • Japan
  • 2016
  • 148 mins
  • DCP
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)
World Premiere
Hosted by Director/Co-Writer Keishi Otomo

Ikko Aoki stands out among crime investigators in the Tokyo of five decades from now. He’s very bright, highly talented, shrewd, and bit cocky. His skill earns him the attention of Department Nine, a special unit of the Metropolitan Police. Overseen by the cold and enigmatic Maki, the department uses nanotechnology to extract residual memories from the recently deceased. It’s a practice that’s not without ethical complications — and very real psychological danger to the officers involved. The rookie’s first case involves probing the mind of a middle-aged man who murdered his entire family. One of his daughters’ body was never found, and the police wish to recover it and resolve the matter. But what Ikko discovers when he vividly relives the madman’s murderous moments is that something far greater, and more evil, is afoot.

With the swashbuckling, bowl-’em-over RUROUNI KENSHIN films, award-winning director Keishi Otomo proved his mettle in the heroic historical fantasy genre. Now, he brings the same knack for high-grade, dazzling thrills, from the past into the future. The noir-stained science fiction of Reiko Shimizu’s bestselling manga, “Himitsu The Top Secret”, is the source material for Otomo’s latest big-screen blockbuster. Meeting Otomo’s superior standards is a cast of actors including Masaki Okada (star of STRAYER’S CHRONICLE) and Toma Ikuta (Miike’s MOLE SONG), and of course Japanese cult movie queen Chiaki Kuriyama. Get in on THE TOP SECRET, it’s a movie you’ll remember right to your grave — and beyond?

— Rupert Bottenberg