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Celluloid Experiments 2016

The festival’s most psychedelic short-film program is back! Each year, Fantasia presents a showcase of the most audacious experimental short films. Give yourself over again this year to a fever dream defying the rules of time, sequence and logic. A spectacle of colour, sound and atmospheres, often amusing and on occasion unsettling. We’ve assembled for you a selection of 17 singular shorts that brought together make up a journey to the heart of the imagination. From Canada comes CECI EST UN MESSAGE OFFICIEL, a jubilant work of surrealist propaganda, and MARE by Raivo Kruze, about a strange book that disrupts the distinction between reality and fiction. From the USA, there is Joe Losurdo’s EARTH IS NOT ROOM ENOUGH, an unusual musical voyage into the heart of vinyl, and the hypnotic COMPUTER TALK by Ginger Leigh. France brings us M. Le Meur’s THE RACE, a circular meditation on the mechanics that govern our existence, as well as the irrational LE PONT by GC & Jaune Citrine, and Ronny Trocker’s ESTATE, a Belgian co-production with surrealist flair.

On the Quebec side, we’re proud to present the world premiere of DESTINY, a reflection on space exploration in cinema from Richard Vezina. With COMMENT ON PEUT SUPPOSER QUE DIEU ÉTAIT INTENTIONNÉ MALGRÉ LES AVALANCHES, LES MOUSTACHES ET LES PETITS TRACAS QUOTIDIENS, Marie Dauverné delivers a film as poetic as its title suggests. HYPERLAPSE MONTRÉAL, by Paul Labranche, is a rediscovery of our city. ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE U.S.S.R. comes from Russia’s Mikhail Zheleznikov, the perfect documentary-maker for Fantasia, and Switzerland’s Felix Tanner, Peter Zwierko, Daniel Gremli and Simon A. Keller's A TRUNK FULL OF CARROTS trips us out. Each spring, UQÀM’s design students organize Dérapage, a unique annual event of non-narrative audiovisual exploration in bite-sized bits under three minutes. From this year’s crop, we’ve selected SANS TITRE by Hubert Lavallée-Bellefleur, TRACTION by Jean-Philippe Choquette, VIDEOHEIMSYSTEM by Création Ex Nihilo & TIND, GOOD DAY by TIND & Rawticks, et Martine Frossard’s THIRTY MASKS.

For complete details on the films in this program, go here.

— Marc Lamothe