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Tank 432

World Premiere
  • U.K.
  • 2016
  • 84 mins
  • DCP
  • English
World Premiere
Hosted by Writer/Director Nick Gillespie

Big drama is about to unfold in a seemingly quiet forest. A band of military personnel have been running from an invisible threat, with two hooded hostages in tow, for what seems like an eternity. Their commander alone seems to know the details of this secret mission that requires prudence, discipline and precision. Anyway, they don’t have time to ask questions, because the entity chasing and threatening to eliminate them is constantly gaining ground. Following a failed ambush in which they miserably lose control of the situation, the soldiers leave the wounded behind and take refuge inside an abandoned tank. When they find the access hatch blocked off, their improvised fortress soon turns into a prison. Desperately seeking another way out, the group discovers confidential documents suggesting their current plight might have been orchestrated by secret forces. Truth is about to explode, but not before reason becomes toxified by vile, homicidal paranoia.

British filmmaker Nick Gillespie’s gripping TANK 432 follows the tradition of the metaphysical sci-fi novels made popular in the ’70s. Decrypting reality without falling into a boring state of existentialism, this well-crafted closed-space drama could also be seen as the symbolic sequel to the extraordinary A FIELD IN ENGLAND. With its director Ben Wheatley (HIGH RISE) as a co-producer, all of the thematic elements that haunt his films are found here. Much like his mentor, Gillespie traps the viewer in a state of doubt. This neurotic journey to the heart of an unsolvable labyrinth doesn’t stop TANK 432 from veering into dark comedy and sometimes even coming close to kitsch. Much like an episode of AMAZING STORIES re-imagined by J.G. Ballard, this delirious gem will surely lead to many cases of insomnia.

— Simon Laperrière