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Kidnap Capital

Canadian Premiere
  • Canada
  • 2015
  • 93 mins
  • DCP
  • English
Hosted by Writer/Director Felipe Rodriguez and cast members Pedro Miguel Arce, Michael Reventar, Paulino Nunes and Juan Carlos Velis

Official Selection: Manchester Film Festival 2016, Newport Beach Film Festival 2016, San Diego Film Festival 2016

Canadian Premiere Afterparty

A picturesque, run of the mill, Arizona suburb is the setting for this bloody and brutal thriller that digs deep into the Mexican cartels’ lucrative practice of smuggling individuals into the U.S., betraying their trust and holding them captive for ransom pay – if they’re lucky enough to have relatives or loved ones who can help. Stripped bare and confined in a basement, a group of men are beaten and brutalized in an attempt to extort more money from these desperate souls. Johnathan Sousa (WEREWOMAN) gives a compelling and powerful performance as Manolo, a man who was hoping for a better life for his wife and unborn child. Now he is desperate to escape his captors and to save his wife from grip of Wyler, a hard man forced to torture for the Cartel, played by Paulino Nunes (BROOKLYN, NARC). Stripped of their pride, broken down and pitted against one another, this group of men slowly realize that only together do they have a chance of freeing themselves and evading their ultimate fate.

Felipe Rodriguez’s first full-length feature is a brutal powerhouse laced with a claustrophobic and visceral tension. KIDNAP CAPITAL feels like a raw and stripped-down version of the wildly successful SICARIO (2015) in both its content and intensity. The fact that this film is “based on true events” raises the stakes of this compelling thriller and reveals the seedy underbelly of organized crime that hides just below the surface. The horrors that transpire in the basement of this innocuous suburban home will leave you shaken.

— Justin Langlois