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King Dave

World Premiere
  • Quebec
  • 2016
  • 100 mins
  • HD
  • French
Hosted by Director PODZ, Actor/Co-Writer Alexandre Goyette, Producer Nicole Robert and cast and crew members

A young dope slinger and self-proclaimed King, Dave may be gullible, but he’s far from being clueless. When he sets his mind on finding the stranger who danced with his girlfriend and grabbed her ass like it was nothing, he takes justice in his own hands. Between violence, heartbreak and a betrayed friendship, Dave is about to get more than he bargained for as he goes on a downward spiral that keeps pushing him forward with no stop in sight. KING DAVE is Dave’s story told in one breath, one uninterrupted shot.

KING DAVE is the professional crossroads between renowned director Daniel Grou (Podz), to whom we owe LES SEPT JOURS DU TALION, 10 ½, L’AFFAIRE DUMONT and MIRACULUM, and Alexandre Goyette, an acclaimed actor and writer who has notably been seen on TV in series like PROVIDENCE, C.A., and 19-2. Two artists bursting with creativity who love to take risks, they successfully step up to the challenge with KING DAVE. The film follows Dave in both his inner and outer worlds in which one might expect the spaces to be confined. In fact, they’re deployed one after another through careful craftsmanship on a nine-kilometer set that seamlessly merges constructed and real-life locations where we come across ambulances, explosions, meetings in subways, cars or on foot. Through intimate and privileged camerawork, we are witness to all that pushes Dave into manhood. The performance of Alexandre Goyette in a sustained state of survival is maintained from beginning to end with a consistency worthy of a marathon. KING DAVE doesn’t compromise. Instead of being constraining, the long-take approach recreates Dave’s inner world in a hypnotizing statement on awareness that transports the viewer into the core of a lost soul who only wants to express himself, albeit sometimes brutally.

— Alexandre Goyette, Isabelle Gauvreau