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A Conspiracy of Faith ("Flaskepost fra P ")

Canadian Premiere
  • Denmark
  • 2015
  • 112 mins
  • DCP
  • Danish
  • English (subtitles)

A message in a bottle comes across the desk of a sleepy cold-case investigation unit in Denmark. When the agents retrieve the contents of the bottle and read a note that begins with the word ‘Help,’ they are drawn head-first into a web of religious fanaticism, child abuse, and the mind of a psychopath. This thriller is the third in a series of films adapting the Danish “Department Q” crime novels. In this most recent opus, cold-case detectives Carl Mørck and Assad team up to discover the secrets behind a rural sect of Jehovah’s Witnesses that has silently watched as pairs of siblings went missing from their community.

Hans Petter Moller directs the third installment of this popular series, with powerful performances from Nikolaj Lie Kaas as the brooding lead detective, Fares Fares playing his partner and confidant, and Johanne Louise Schmidt as their fellow agent. Set against the stark and palpable Danish landscape, this thriller is both exhilarating and troubling. It is a reflection on faith that shows how an act of blind belief can devolve into the darkest of covenants. A CONSPIRACY OF FAITH willingly sheds light on the underbelly of religion and won’t let you look away. Prepare yourself for the tense ride that has broken box office records in Denmark and will undoubtedly keep you thinking long after its conclusion.

— Rebecca Holt