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North American Premiere
  • France
  • 2016
  • 102 mins
  • DCP
  • French

« Un quasi miracle : une comédie à la fois drôle et humaine, aux dialogues enlevés, imagés et toujours justes » - Laurent Pécha, ECRAN LARGE

Ever since they were kids, Samuel and his friends have been dreaming of living together under the same roof. When he finds the perfect apartment, he hesitates due to the rent that’s way beyond their budget. However, since Samuel’s father is taking care of his finances while he’s in medical school, he offers to cover the difference. The situation changes drastically when his father learns that his son has never set foot in class, and decides to cut him off. This upsetting setback doesn’t stop our young friend. Keeping mum, he starts to sell weed to keep up appearances. But selling drugs isn’t for everybody, and when things turn sour, he has no choice but to turn to those who always had his back: his friends!

Pierre Niney, who many discovered in YVES SAINT-LAURENT (César for Best Actor) and UN HOMME IDEAL, returns in this heartwarming tale about friendship in which the members of the cast are friends in real life. Niney met Igor Gotesman a little more than six years ago. Having the same taste in films, they became friends instantly. They immediately started working on FIVE and soon, other actor friends joined them. Gotesman wears the triple crown of actor, writer and director. He creates a funny yet humanist film filled with flavorful dialogue, delivered by a perfectly harmonious ensemble cast. Together they form a group of friends to which you’d instantly want to belong. Each actor brings his own colorful personality to the mix, all of them very refreshing. FIVE is a finely-written comedy that recalls Judd Apatow. Once again, Pierre Niney’s many talents are displayed, surrounded by French stars we’re not done seeing on our screens. Bring along your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your brother or your sister — but remember to invite some friends.

— Éric S. Boisvert