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North American Premiere

A detective in the Hong Kong PD, Bennie Chan has spent many years chasing Victor Wong, the head of one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in town. Things heat up when the latter attacks Chan’s niece, Samantha. Chan has no choice but to join forces with the only one who can help him catch Wong: Connor Watts, a greedy, smooth-talking American grifter. Time being of the essence, Chan will not only have to drag Watts all the way to Hong Kong, but also convince him to lend a hand during a perilous adventure that will take them all the way from the snowy Mongolian mountains to the roaming hills of the Gobi Desert.

What better way to celebrate Fantasia’s 20th anniversary than with a Jackie Chan film? Chan was with us for the very first edition in 1996 with the exceptional SUPERCOP. He made an even bigger impression upon festivalgoers the following year with OPERATION CONDOR and DRUNKEN MASTER 2. He returns this year with a genre he knows all too well: the action comedy. SKIPTRACE falls in the vein of several Jackie Chan classics, such as RUSH HOUR and SHANGHAI NOON. This time, it’s actor/stuntman Johnny Knoxville’s turn to share the screen with the legendary Hong Kong star. Back behind the camera, director Renny Harlin (DIE HARD 2, CLIFFHANGER) puts together a film that balances action and comedy perfectly, a recipe that always works with Jackie Chan as the main ingredient. SKIPTRACE shows us the one-of-a-kind performer back at the top his game. The numerous fight sequences, each more energetic than the last, prove that age has had no effect on this showman who’s been entertaining us now for over four decades.

— Éric S. Boisvert