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Some Freaks

World Premiere
  • USA
  • 2016
  • 97 mins
  • DCP
World Premiere
Hosted by Writer/Director Ian MacAllister-McDonald and members of the cast & production

Gawky, shy and with a patch covering up a missing eye, Matt Ledbetter (Thomas Mann) isn’t one of the popular kids in high school. One day in biology class, he meets Jill (Lily Mae Harrington), an outgoing and brilliant girl who instantly sparks a connection of the sort he’s never experienced before. Jill is a large girl, and she’s beautiful, yet it’s clear that she’s grown into who she is through a lifetime of being the brunt of “fat girl” jokes, similar to Matt’s being the one-eyed outcast. A loving relationship grows and together, they find a confidence and belonging that almost seems too good to be true, and certainly too good to last. After a fever pitch of adoration, high school shifts to college life and the pressures of who they are press in against expectations crafted from who they used to be, challenging their relationship in unexpected ways.

A teen film about outsiders that actually understands them, SOME FREAKS explores how our awareness of the perception of others can alter how we behave and see ourselves. Moreover, it’s about the struggle of coming to terms with relationships changing as people evolve apart. Ian MacAllister McDonald has crafted the rare film about fringe teens that doesn’t canonize its characters and instead has a profound respect for their experiences and shortcomings. There’s such an honesty in its writing and performances, such an empathy for the quest for identity, such a sharp-witted sense of humour contrasted against a sometimes shocking harshness, it’s truly a work of uncommon impact. Funny, sweet and caustic, glowing with personality, SOME FREAKS will charm your heart - and demolish it. Executive produced by Neil LaBute.

— Mitch Davis