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Mon ami Dino

Montreal Premiere
  • Quebec
  • 2016
  • 80 mins
  • HD
  • French
Hosted by Director Jimmy Larouche, Actors Dino Tavarone, Michel Côté and more

“I’m not afraid to die — I’m scared to lose my life.” After spending for years in jail for drug trafficking, Dino Tavarone found fame through his portrayal of the Mafia godfather on OMERTA. Today, at 72 years old, he’s undertaking what might possibly his final role. MON AMI DINO paints a transparent portrait of a tender, vulnerable man. Through a panorama of memories, visits to landmark locations and old friends, moments of truth with his estranged daughter or just his everyday life, we follow Dino as he struggles with a decision — whether or not to reveal a life-changing secret.

After bringing forth two wonderful films with LA CICATRICE and ANTOINE ET MARIE, Jimmy Larouche surpasses himself with MON AMI DINO, a splendid celebration of life reflecting on family, friendship, work… and illness. The film allows for the full range of Dino Tavarone’s talent to shine through, giving us here a performance of rare authenticity. A sometimes wild concoction that blends reality with fiction perfectly, MON AMI DINO required a lot of audacity from its performers, who immediately agreed to improvise all of the dialogue. Rare are those films that evoke emotions as complex as they are intense. We highly encourage you to join us for this singular projection, which promises to be one of Fantasia 2016’s greatest highlights.

— Isabelle Gauvreau