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The Exclusive: Beat the Devil's Tattoo ("Teukjong: Ryangchensalingi")

Canadian Premiere
Official Selection: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2016, Udine Far East Film Festival 2016

« Roh Deok déploie un mélange d’humour très noir, de cynisme et d’action qui scotche le spectateur à son siège. » – Yannik Vanesse, EASTASIA

The Exclusive - Beat the Devil's Tatoo from Festival Fantasia on Vimeo.

Things don’t look good for Seoul television reporter Heo Moo-hyeok. Divorce from his pregnant wife Su-jin is just a signature away, and a recent piece of his has run afoul of a major sponsor of the channel he works for. Now unemployed and pretty much blacklisted, Moo-hyeok has nothing left with which to call himself a journalist — except for a scrap of paper in his pocket. It’s a lead from an anonymous tip, regarding a recent spate of serial killings. What it leads him to horrifies him, but it also gets him back on TV, and in the very good graces of his ruthless, calculating bosses. Things are looking up, way up, for Moo-hyeok… until he discovers that his “exclusive” is in fact a sham. Hurled along by the media frenzy, he can’t — won’t — reveal the truth. He’s ever more tangled in his lies, but lies have a strange way of coming true, and there is indeed a killer out there…

Breaking news, this just in! Killer-thriller collides with biting black satire of modern media! Body count sure to rise! After his breakout debut in ARCHITECTURE 101, and award-winning turn in THE FACE READER, rising South Korean star Cho Jung-seok headlines at last in this anxious, adrenal twist of mystery, mayhem and mockery. Director Roh Deok earned a Shanghai Film Fest award for her first feature, the rom-com VERY ORDINARY COUPLE (2013). With her latest, she goes not for the heart but for the jugular, and gets it right, keeping the tempo treacherously quick as Moo-hyeok’s deceptions drag him further into darkness and danger.

— Rupert Bottenberg