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World Premiere
  • Spain
  • 2016
  • 107 mins
  • DCP
  • English

Present day. Successful, ambitious Marc (Tom Hughes) suffers a terrible shock when he is diagnosed with a fast-spreading fatal cancer. Unable to accept death and the agony of fruitless treatment, Marc decides to cryonize his body under the best possible conditions: committing suicide expressly for this purpose before the disease is beyond a future cure. Six decades later, in 2083, the Prodigy Health Corporation resurrects Marc, and he becomes the first human to survive the process (others haven’t been so lucky, as we witness in the film’s most chilling scene). But Marc’s reanimation does not go as smooth as expected; besides multiple medical problems, Marc’s soul has also been damaged, as he yearns to reconnect with the past, especially his lost lover. Plus, he eventually discovers the secrets of the so-called Project Lazarus…

The provocative new film from acclaimed filmmaker Mateo Gil (writer of THE SEA INSIDE and OPEN YOUR EYES; director of NOBODY KNOWS ANYBODY and BLACKTHORN) presents a modern spin on Mary Shelley’s enduring “Frankenstein”. Though Gil references that landmark novel and even modern variations like RE-ANIMATOR, with REALIVE the creator squarely places his story’s emphasis on the emotional and psychological ramifications of reanimating the dead. This miracle of science presents various medical issues for Marc, who must also piece back together a heart that shattered when he abandoned his girlfriend decades earlier. Will Marc just be another lab rat and fundraising show-monkey, or can he find his own personal freedom in this strange new world that has conquered death? Fans of cerebral and emotion-based sci-fi like ANOTHER EARTH and I ORIGINS will find much to ponder over with the philosophically rich and heartfelt REALIVE.

— Tony Timpone