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Holy Flame of the Martial World ("Wu lin sheng huo jin")

  • Hong Kong
  • 1983
  • 85 mins
  • 35mm
  • Cantonese
  • English / Chinese (subtitles)

“Relentless inventiveness and an overall tone bordering on delirium” - Samuel Wilson, MONDO 70

“A nonstop thrill ride that doesn’t let up at all... sheer excitement and ludicrously madcap adventure” - Chris Hyde, BOX OFFICE PROPHETS

Holy Flame of the Martial World from Festival Fantasia on Vimeo.

The search for the ultimate weapon, the Holy Flame, continues to create havoc 18 years after the murder of a young couple to refused to reveal the weapon’s location. Their two orphaned newborns were taken by rival masters that fateful night. Now the kids have grown enough fully harness the Holy Flame’s full power (providing they don’t lose their virginity). The daughter, Dan Fung, was raised by Jin Yin’s all-female clan (who murdered the parents). The son, Wan, was raised by the Phantom, whose ghostly laugh technique can have deadly consequences. Wan must also rescue an innocent girl from an English-speaking black mummy, face off against flying Chinese ideograms in a disco cave along, and contend with a cavalcade of colourful characters sent to create chaos and find the Holy Flame. In the final battle between the bitter rivals, whose kung fu will have the last laugh?

Beware of laser fingers and flying disco balls! Sit back and enjoy 85 minutes of pure, unfiltered insanity, in which gravity-defying kung fu ridiculousness collides with STAR WARS-inspired laser palm blasts, all at a ludicrous tempo that will leave you breathless! Based on a popular comic book, it’s another creative classic in the style of DEMON OF THE LUTE and ZU: WARRIORS FROM THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN, in a rarely seen 35mm Shaw Scope copy, unearthed after 30 years. Visionary director Lu Chin-Ku (BASTARD SWORDSMAN, THE MASTER), along with action choreographers Yuen Tak (MY FATHER IS A HERO, BODYGUARD FROM BEIJING) and Phillip Kwok (HARD BOILED, FIVE DEADLY VENOMS), keep the craziness relentless, imaginative, outrageous — and even graceful.

— King-Wei Chu