Lifetime Achievement Award: Mamoru Oshii


Director Mamoru Oshii is a towering and truly unique figure in Japanese animation. From pioneering OVAs DALLOS and the haunting ANGEL’S EGG, and of course the beloved PATLABOR series, of the 1980s, through the dramatically influential global hit GHOST IN THE SHELL in the mid-’90s, to its award-winning sequel and other powerful, pensive works in the new millennium (SKY CRAWLERS, AVALON), Oshii has consistently strived to bring new ideas and in fact a whole new attitude to anime. With his meticulous and idiosyncratic near-future thrillers and dramas, linked by persistent themes, motifs and concerns, Oshii asserts a complex, deeply thoughtful and decidedly adult sensibility — while maintaining the highest technical standards in the field (and hardly confining his efforts to animation). In seeking a path to call his own, Oshii has blazed a trail for fantastic entertainment worldwide to follow.

Selected Filmography

Urusei Yatsura: Only You - 1983

Dallos - 1983

Angel’s Egg -1985

Patlabor: The Movie - 1989

Maroko - 1990

Stray Dog – 1990

Patlabor 2 – 1993

Ghost in the Shell – 1995

Avalon - 2001

Ghost in the Shell: Innocence - 2004

Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters – 2006

Ghost in the Shell 2.0 - 2008

The Sky Crawlers – 2008