To celebrate the launch of the late John Dunning's autobiography YOU’RE NOT DEAD UNTIL YOU’RE FORGOTTEN, we are proud to present a rare 35mm archival print of LE DIABLE EST PARMI NOUS (THE POSSESSION OF VIRGINIA) co-produced by Dunning and Yrene Nold, courtesy of Archives Canada.

Come and meet Bill Brownstein, co-author of the book, who will be present at the launch and screening on August 2 at the J.A De Sève Theatre, 1400 De Maisonneuve W. (Metro Guy - Concordia). Bill Brownstein is a columnist with the Montreal Gazette and author of books including Schwartz's Hebrew Delicatessen, Montreal 24, Sex Carnival, and Down the Tube


The irreverent and insightful story of Canada's unknown movie mogul

Much to his chagrin, John Dunning was born into the movie business. But once he came to accept his career fate, he developed a great passion for making movies, and ultimately became Canada's pre-eminent B-movie producer, with a knack for developing young talent.

In YOU’RE NOT DEAD UNTIL YOU’RE FORGOTTEN, Dunning, in a forthright and charming fashion, recounts his rough-and-tumble upbringing in the Montreal borough of Verdun in the 1930s, his modest start in the film industry behind the candy counter of his family's movie theatre, and later, his ventures into film distribution and production. In the 1960s, Dunning, along with financial wizard André Link, founded Cinepix, which eventually merged into the Lionsgate Entertainment film colossus. Specializing in such exploitation genres as raucous comedy, groundbreaking Québécois "maple syrup porn" and horror films, Cinepix churned out cult classics like VALÉRIE, SHIVERS, ILSA: SHE-WOLF OF THE SS and MEATBALLS. Dunning's detailed recollections of making these movies provide a rare, candid, and witty take on how the film industry really works. Driven to succeed in the face of arbitrary censors, parochial Canadian critics, and controlling government funding agencies, Dunning and Link developed a formula for producing controversial, moneymaking movies, and helped launch the careers of such luminaries-to-be as David Cronenberg, Ivan Reitman, and Don Carmody. Cronenberg has called John Dunning "the unacknowledged godfather of an entire generation of Canadian filmmakers." Illustrated with personal photos and film stills, YOU’RE NOT DEAD UNTIL YOU’RE FORGOTTEN finally gives this pioneer Canadian filmmaker his long-overdue spotlight.

John Dunning and André Link were dual recipients of Fantasia’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.