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Feed the Devil

Canadian Premiere
  • Canada
  • 2014
  • 95 mins
  • HD
  • English
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This film is a co-presentation with Montreal First Peoples’ Festival.
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Marcus desperately needs money. He hails from a dysfunctional family awash in alcohol, hard drugs and violence. Trapped ina life without hope, he craves a fast payout that will allow his to flee and reinvent himself elsewhere. Marcus gets word of a vast marijuana crop hidden deep in the woods near an Indian reservation. Joined by his girlfriend Stella, with whom he has a strained relationship, and her sister Lydia, he delves into the forest in search of this rumoured pot field. According to ancient Indian legends, a curse lies over the terrain they seek. It is told that the forest is forbidden to men, as it is a sacred hunting ground of the gods, from which no one ever returns alive. The land is protected by a powerful champion of the gods, who can control wolves, spirits, even the dead. No surprise that the trio’s plan goes awry, from a flat tire and a wolf attack to inexplicable events, enigmatic encounters, supernatural manifestations and the constant presence of a sadistic killer. Marcus is nonetheless determined to reach his goal and confront his nemesis, who seems to be playing a game of cat-and-mouse with his prey…

Legends of cursed lands abound in the mythology of the First Nations of the Americas. Filmed in Lanaudière, this Canadian feature film involved many indigenous participants from the region, notably actress Nakha Bertrand, and dialogue in the local tongue, Atikamekw. A horrific thriller, it drew inspiration from ancient legends and their transposition to the classic horror genre. It’s an improbable blend of PREDATOR and DELIVERANCE, a potent reminder that the call of the wild can too easily be a descent into savagery. Shot almost entirely outdoors, it’s an ode to nature’s power over people, and how the white man in his arrogance desecrates holy ancestral lands. But make no mistake — if the script contains strong moral messages, the film’s style in sound and vision is devoted to creating an atmosphere of dread, of grinding tension and many sudden, shocking surprises!

— Marc Lamothe