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The White Storm ("Sou Duk")

Canadian Premiere
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“Benny Chan cranks it up to 11 in his latest high-stakes crime thriller… with the action, intrigue and melodrama all hitting fever pitch” — James March, TWITCHFILM

“9/10… easily the most entertaining film of the year, an edge-of-the-seat thriller, swashbuckling action affair and a powerhouse of acting experience” – Andrew Chan, HK NEO REVIEWS

Tin, Chow and Wai have been best friends since childhood, and their tight bond remains now that the trio have all joined the Narcotics Bureau of the Hong Kong police force. Chow works undercover, infiltrating the drug ring run by Black Chai, but Chow’s wife is soon to give birth and he’s desperate to escape his stressful life of deception and return to the real world. Tin is his handler, obsessed with taking down Black Chai and rising through the ranks of the police force. Soft-spoken Wai is the glue that holds their conflicted personal and professional relationship together. That will be put the test, ever more intensely, after Tin’s big bust of Black Chai’s gang is called off at literally the last second — a link has been made to the notorious heroin cartel kingpin Eight-Face Buddha. Following the little fish to the big fish, Tin, Chow and Wai hit the ground in Thailand. Their investigation, however, stirs up already muddied waters. Deceit and double-crosses won’t just test the trio’s camaraderie, it will put their very lives on the line…

Hopping from Hong Kong to Thailand to Macau, pitting maverick lawmen against merciless gangsters, blending hard-hitting action with powerful drama and gut-wrenching moral challenges, veteran action-movie director Benny Chan’s vividly stylish THE WHITE STORM is a sprawling, absorbing crime flick in the classic Hong Kong tradition (with a deliberate nod to the “blood brothers” trope in vintage kung-fu flicks). With its power trio of superstar actors in the lead roles (Louis Koo, Nick Cheung and Lau Ching-Wan), Chan’s film is vaulted to the lofty heights of such cinematic hits as the INFERNAL AFFAIRS series. From its slick opening montage of Hong Kong’s lurid, drug-soaked nightlife to the climactic hurricane of hot lead, Chan never seeks to rewrite the book on cops ’n’ crooks, just to present the familiar framework in an emotionally effective and visually dazzling fashion — and he scores a direct hit. Whatever the weather is like outside, you’ll want to hustle over to Fantasia for THE WHITE STORM!

— Rupert Bottenberg