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Time Lapse

Canadian Premiere
  • USA
  • 2013
  • 103 mins
  • DCP
  • English
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Hosted by Co- Writer/Director Bradley King and Co-Writer/Producer BP Cooper

WINNER: Best International Feature, London Independent Film Festival 2014
Official Selection, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2014
Official Selection, Sci-Fi-London 2014
Official Selection, Fantaspoa 2014
Official Selection, Seattle International Film Festival 2014

“A terrific, tight and twisted time travel thriller” - Dave Ollerton, LONDON FILM REVIEW

Working as a janitor in the private residential development that he calls home, Finn leads a rather monotonous life. Sharing a small house with his girlfriend Callie and his brother Jasper, he spends most of his free time painting, a hobby which he hopes one day to turn into a career. He can’t help but see his daily routine as nothing but a hindrance to his dreams. Something’s got to give, and fast. It finally does, although taking a most unusual form: a strange machine that Finn stumbles across in the home of his recently vanished neighbour. The imposing contraption’s lens is pointing directly at the artist’s apartment, of which, every night at 8pm, it takes a snapshot, displaying the three dwellers’ living room. The peculiarity of these pictures, however, is that they don’t immortalize the past. Rather, they show the future — 24 hours after the shot has been taken, to be exact. Jasper, who immediately sees a solution to his problems, quickly uses the machine to win a few sports bets. His unbelievable winning streak lifts the eyebrows of few unsavoury characters who may themselves be eventually interested in using Finn’s discovery. Finn must also deal with Callie, with whom he’s in the doghouse and who seems to be hiding something from him, some heavy truth captured by the ruthless eye of this mysterious camera. Finn’s future has a few surprises in store that the present is trying to conceal — and whatever it is that they’re showing, the pictures never lie.

Right from its opening credits, Bradley King’s TIME LAPSE openly evokes the work of Alfred Hitchcock. Such an assertion proves to be justified as this impressive debut feature is one captivating thriller that the Master of Suspense would have undoubtedly enjoyed. The film’s strength lies in its impeccable script which constantly leaves the audience guessing. Told with an artful touch, it presents credible characters forced to drop their masks and face their true natures when they are confronted by an inconceivable situation. Fittingly, the protagonists are portrayed by some of Hollywood’s rising stars, who ultimately prove to be very talented actors. As Callie, Danielle Panabaker (John Carpenter’s THE WARD) promises to be especially moving. Blending the sophistication of PRIMER with the heart of EASTON’S ARTICLE, the clever TIME LAPSE reminds us that the joy of a good story never goes out of style. For this reason, it places itself in the tradition of the Golden Age of classic science fiction, the era that gave us THE TWILIGHT ZONE and AMAZING STORIES. A rewarding trip back to the roots!

— Simon Laperrière