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Le Diable est parmi nous

Rare 35mm Archival Print!

Special Book Launch Event for John Dunning’s Autobiography YOU’RE NOT DEAD UNTIL YOU’RE FORGOTTEN

Paul Drouin (Daniel Pilon) is a journalist. One of his closest friends commits suicide under strange circumstances. Convinced that something’s not right about the matter, Paul investigates his friend and his social circle, and becomes obsessed by the old woman he sees in all photos takes at the location of the death. His friend’s mistress, Virginie Leroux (Danielle Ouimet), has inherited his antique store, specializing, if rumours are true, in high-priced occultism. One evening, she visits Paul and suffers a sudden attack of poisoning. This, the day after Paul had found his cat dead next to its milk bowl. Paul becomes certain that someone had tried to poison him and that he is the object of some dark conspiracy. To escape his woes, Paul attends a decadent private party. There he meets Hélène (Louise Marleau), a musician who soon becomes his lover. Returning to his apartment, he finds Virginie no longer there. Troubling. On his pillow he finds a map leading to a church in Verdun. He arrives too late, finding Virginie hanged, and believes he has caught a glimpse of the old woman. Discussing the matter later with Hélène, who seems to be connected a sect tied to the events. She invites Paul to an unusual home, where they attend a black mass. After a psychedelic pagan orgy, the truth is finally revealed in two successive finales, each as

To celebrate the launch of the late John Dunning's autobiography YOU’RE NOT DEAD UNTIL YOU’RE FORGOTTEN, we are proud to present a rare 35mm copy of this film co-produced by Dunning and Yrene Nold. Though it once circulated on VHS, it has never had a DVD release or undergone restoration. There remain, in fact, few existing copies of the movie. LE DIABLE EST PARMI NOUS (THE POSSESSION OF VIRGINIA) is a strange, surrealist, paranoid film. Horror was not a genre often explored in Quebec cinema. While English Canada produced a number of notable works of horror, Quebec generally demurred — and so LE DIABLE EST PARMI NOUS is a true curiosity. Our films dealing with esoteric conspiracies and pacts with the devil are all too rare. A soundtrack blending funk, disco, pop, atmospherics and classical music, care of François Cousineau, is definitive of its era. Toss in some nightmarish visions, howl-worthy dialogue, and one of Quebec’s first on-screen gore murders, and you’ve got a vital piece of local film history.

— Marc Lamothe