Basha: Film Posters

Barbara ‘Basia’ Baranowska — best known in North America for her poster for Andrzej Zulawski's POSSESSION — is the unsung hero of Polish poster art. Whereas the likes of Jan Lenica developed a distinct, often instantly recognizable style, Barbara Baranowska was a chameleon (as reflected in her alternating use of 'Basia', 'Basha' and 'Bacha' as her professional name). She donned a variety of graphic personae – from the sometimes brutal cut-outs of her early Polish book jackets to voluptuous, almost psychedelic surrealism of her French film posters. While she may not be the most prolific artist of her generation, the works she produced in Poland during the 1960s and France in the 1970s are unforgettable.

To kick off the exhibition, leading scholar of Eastern European cult cinema Daniel Bird will give a talk on the history, styles and influence of the Polish Poster School, including rare clips and stills. Friday July 26th, 3:30PM at the DeSeve Cinema. Exhibition will be on display from from Friday, July 26, to Sunday, August 4, at the J.A. de Sève Cinema.

Exhibit and Artist Talk co-presented by Spectacular Optical and The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies.

Free admission!

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