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Saving General Yang

North American Premiere
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • 2013
  • 103 mins
  • DCP
  • Cantonese
  • English / Chinese (subtitles)

“A swift hit of adrenaline and a treat for the eyeballs” - Cameron Williams, POPCORN JUNKIE

When the Khitans begin an invasion of the Chinese mainland, the Emperor orders his two most valuable soldiers, General Yang and Commander Song, to launch an attack against Yelu Yuan and his army. However, seeing as one of Yang’s sons murdered Song’s progeny during a battle fought for Princess Chai’s affections, Yang has been demoted to commander while Song will serve as general for this next assault. Partly due to his lack of experience but also out of revenge for his dead son, Song retreats his troops, leaving Yang stranded behind enemy lines. It is now up to General Yang’s seven sons to rescue him. Having all received military training, each of them a master of his own discipline, these sometimes arrogantly confident young men promised their mother to bring their father back home. Only the eldest son Yanping has ever experienced war firsthand and truly understands just how suicidal this mission really is.

Patriarch of the popular Song Dynasty (960-1127), a clan supported by many valiant male and female soldiers, Yang Ye is a genuine hero to the Chinese people. Curiously enough, it has most often been the women combatants that have garnered more attention these last centuries, being the subject of such films as the classic Shaw Bros.’ THE 14 AMAZONS (1972) and the more recent LEGENDARY AMAZONS (2011). The avenging brothers have also had their story adapted numerous times for both film and television, most notably 1984’s THE 8 DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER starring the incomparable Gordon Liu. To play the famous general, Ronny Yu (FEARLESS) unearthed legendary actor Adam Cheng (SHAOLIN AND WU TANG), who hadn’t made a picture in over a decade. In addition to Cheng, SAVING GENERAL YANG features an impressive cast filled with very talented performers that make each fight look more spectacular than the last. Yu manages to fully capture the horrors of war with his corpse-filled landscapes and brutally gory battles choreographed by Stephen Tung.

SAVING GENERAL YANG is an unrelenting adrenaline rush that will keep you constantly pinned to your seat, ultimately making you understand why the Yangs still warrant so much attention after all these years.

— Éric S. Boisvert