The Lady ParaNorma

Première Québécoise
  • Canada
  • 2011
  • 4 mins
  • HD
  • Anglais
En présence du réalisateur / scénariste Vincent Marcone

Estranged from the rest of the townsfolk, an eccentric lady is haunted by ghostly whispers that grow louder with each passing day. Obsessed with a need to know why they beckon her, she follows their eerie call to an unusual happily ever after. Written and directed by award-winning illustrator and director Vincent Marcone (My Pet Skeleton, The Facts In the Case of Mister Hollow) and narrated by pop icon Peter Murphy (Bauhaus, Twilight: Eclipse), THE LADY PARANORMA pioneers a new technique in digital animation to deliver a rare visual poem dedicated to the weird inside all of us.