Outer Limits of Animation


Join us in celebrating several of the best animated works we’ve seen in the last 12 months. On the menu are 20 shorts from all over, served up in less than 100 minutes. Argentina’s Juan Pablo Zaramella kicks off the program with humour and style, with his EN LA OPERA. The remarkable talent of Beijing’s Lei Lei is again confirmed by the psychedelic MY… MY…. From England comes Stephen Irwin’s MOXIE, a morbid little film starring a pyromaniac bear.

The USA makes itself seen and heard this year with seven films, beginning with the eagerly anticipated return of Don Hertzfeldt with IT'S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY, the third part of a trilogy that included EVERYTHING WILL BE OK and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU — in which animated matchstick men tackle existential issues. Another Fantasia regular, Bill Plympton, unveils his collective project GUARD DOG GLOBAL JAM. The king of indie animation invited a dozen animators from all corners of the globe to remake his classic GUARD DOG, each redoing a segment of the film in their own style. The result is a veritable fireworks show. Plympton also presents the fruit of a laborious process, the colourized restoration of Winsor McCay’s THE FLYING HOUSE (1921). Cem Kurtulus and Jacob Nelson drag us into a strange dream world with the world premiere of THE HUNGRY BOY, while the Canadian premiere of Faiyaz Jafri’s HELLO BAMBI sheds new light on old fairy tales. Miguel Jiron simply dazzles with his hypnotic PAINT SHOWERS, and Zealous Creative build a fascinating universe with THE MAKER.

Canada holds it own, mind you. Patrick Bouchard presents his latest opus, BYDLO, a work inspired by a Mussorgsky composition. François Mercier’s SAMOURAI DRAGON is a Japanese joyride, while Felipe Castaneda’s THE COLONEL'S GOLDEN FISH is a stop-motion delight. Étienne Chartrand, winner of the “n’importe quoi” at the most recent Festival Dérapage, amuses himself (and us) to no end with PAR DELÀ LE BIEN ET LE MAL. Kirill Fessenko shares a strange moment in art history with KHACHATURIAN MEETS DALI. PRAYER BEADS by Han Han Li is a truly powerful piece inspired by a summer spent in Dun Huang, Lhassa and Katmandu, and Philip Piaget’s URRACA opens a window on a magical world. From Hothouse, the NFB’s emerging-artist residency program, comes A CLOUD'S DREAM / RÊVE D'UN NUAGE by Andrew Hicks and BLACK GOLD / OR NOIR by Aimée van Drimmelin.