If They Came From Within

An Alternative History of Canadian Horror

Cinémathèque Québecoise, July 20 to 29


Imagine an alternative universe of Canadian horror movies that didn’t get made, couldn’t get made and maybe even shouldn’t get made... but we’d still love to see. Rue Morgue Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dave Alexander brings some of Canada and Quebec’s most celebrated genre filmmakers together with some of the country’s best designers and illustrators to create a gallery of poster art for Maple Syrup genre films that don’t exist.

Jason Eisener (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN) dreams up a post-apocalyptic, gangster, man-fish odyssey. Vincenzo Natali (SPLICE) offers his own cross- border version of BLUE SUNSHINE. Maurice Devereaux (END OF THE LINE) draws on Quebec folklore for a story of a supernatural child-killer named the Bonesetter. Bruce McDonald (HARDCORE LOGO) and author Tony Burgess (People Still Live In Cashtown Corners) imagine two sequels to PONTYPOOL (the first of which is actually a part of Fantasia’s new international co-produc- tion market!). Lee Demarbre (SMASH CUT) brings sex, cannibalism and espion- age to Parliament Hill in his hoser-happy EMANNUELLE movie. Plus more from filmmakers Eric Tessier (5150 ELM’S WAY), Karim Hussain (LA BELLE BETE, cinematographer of Brandon Cronenberg’s ANTIVIRAL), Astron-6 (FATHER’S DAY), Rodrigo Gudiño (THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MISTER HOLLOW), George Mihalka (MY BLOODY VALENTINE), Brett Kelly (MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND), Donna Davis (NIGHTMARE FACTORY) and several from Alexander himself. The film- maker’s original concepts will appear on display in their own words, mounted on foamcore in both French and English.

Featuring original art created by: Beeforeo, Rupert Bottenberg, Angus Byers, Donald Caron, Jason Edmiston, Justin Erickson, Vince Marcone, Mathew Marigold, Richard Patmore, Martin Plante, Ghoulish Gary Pullin, Paige Reynolds, Eric Robillard, Mathieu Verreault, Mark Unterberger, whatisadam and James White. Expect additional multimedia surprises, including original soundtrack recordings from Montreal musician Conrad Simon. Montrealers will get a special chance to see this first, with many of the creators present, before the show embarks on a nationwide gallery tour.