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Starship Troopers: Invasion

Canadian Premiere
Hosted by Executive Producer Casper Van Dien, star of the original STARSHIP TROOPERS

Fort Casey, a Federation outpost in the distant reaches of space, is besieged by mankind’s mortal enemy, the Arachnids of the planet Klendathu — the Bugs. Roughneck team K-12, under the command of Major Henry “Hero” Varro, does all it can to hold them off. The rapid assault craft Alesia, with Roughneck infantry squad Alpha 1 on board, is dispatched to ward off the attackers while the Starship John A. Warden, docked at Fort Casey, evacuates the survivors and protects a cache of valuable military intelligence on its way to Earth. Carl Jenkins, comrade of the fabled bug-fighter Johnny Rico and his valorous Roughnecks, has risen through the ranks of military intelligence and is now an officer in the Federation’s Ministry of Paranormal Warfare. Under his orders, the Warden deviates from its course and pursues a secret mission — and then goes missing. The gritty, battle-tested grunts of Alpha 1 and K-12 embark on a rescue mission, which may turn into something much more dire…

The epic saga of the bug-blasting soldiers of tomorrow, the space-faring Roughnecks, began with Robert A. Heinlein’s celebrated, Hugo Award-winning science fiction novel in 1959 and revived in 1997 with Paul Verhoeven’s action-packed yet sly big-screen blockbuster STARSHIP TROOPERS. A pair of live-action sequels followed, including one with Casper Van Dien returning as Johnny Rico. This fourth film (which Van Dien exec-produced) reboots the franchise, setting itself soon after the events of Verhoeven’s film. Good ol’ Neil Patrick Harris even reprises his role as Dr. Carl Jenkins — in voice, anyway! Unlike its predecessors, this STARSHIP TROOPERS film is a CG animated effort, and at the wheel is no less than Shinji Aramaki! A leader in mecha design in Japan’s animation industry, his knack for sketching up awesome battle suits has graced the Naruto, Gundam and Fullmetal Alchemist anime franchises (making him the perfect guy to resurrect Heinlein’s Power Suits, dropped from the film), and his director credits include the amazing APPLESEED and APPLESEED: EX MACHINA CG features. So bring on the Bugs… in the Roughnecks, everyone fights, and no one quits!

— Rupert Bottenberg