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A Night of Nightmares

World Premiere
  • USA
  • 2012
  • 84 mins
  • HD
  • English
World Premiere
Hosted by Director Buddy Giovinazzo

Underground music blogger Mark Lighthouse (Marc Senter) is preparing for a very special night, driving out to a rental home deep in the mountains to interview his latest indie discovery, an ethereal young singer named Ginger (Elissa Dowling). They’ll talk, she’ll cook him dinner and then… who knows? Upon his arrival, he’s taken aback by Ginger’s eccentric charm and beauty. Mark senses that anything is possible tonight. Unfortunately for them both, that is indeed the case. Anything can happen. Everyone has a past, but Ginger’s is more unusual than most. Ferocious paranormal horrors begin to erupt across the house, invading physical space and physical bodies alike until confusion and terror reign supreme. Multiple calls to the police result in absolutely nothing... Over the coarse of a single night, Mark and Ginger will be tested in ways they’ve never imagined. Their only hope is to try to make it to sunrise — in some way, shape or form.

Buddy Giovinazzo, director of such powerhouses as COMBAT SHOCK, LIFE IS HOT IN CRACKTOWN and most recently, the “I Love You” segment in last year’s THE THEATRE BIZARRE, is returning to Fantasia with an unconventional haunted-house chiller that will freeze your blood. While all of Giovinazzo’s films have been marked with vivid moments of horror, they’ve to date existed on the genre borderlines, dealing with a frightening wealth of real-life terrors — psychosis, addiction, poverty, victimization, murder. NIGHTMARES marks the first time in Giovinazzo’s 26-year career that he has made a work that is purely and absolutely a horror film — an occult one, no less! Carrying through is the filmmaker’s supernaturally strong ability with performance, character and dialogue along with his penchant for unexpected beats of black comedy. Where the film really comes to life is in its leads — Dowling (ABOLITION) is raw and enigmatic, her unique energies countered by a surprisingly funny and subdued performance from Senter, a favourite on the Fantasia screen with his unforgettable turns in such films as RED WHITE & BLUE, BRAWLER and THE LOST. Shot in a phenomenal location that was a hippie retreat in the ’60s once frequented by members of the Manson family (!), this NIGHT OF NIGHTMARES will be yours.

— Mitch Davis