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Funeral Kings

International Premiere
  • USA
  • 2012
  • 85 mins
  • HD
  • English
Hosted by directors/writers Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus
Official Selection, South by Southwest 2012

"A particularly perceptive, enjoyably gritty independent comedy that knows what it's talking about... wonderfully vulgar" — Scott Weinberg, TWITCHFILM

"Bold… Real… Authentic" — Larry Richman, INDIE FILM SPOTLIGHT

Andy and Charlie lead a good life — to the detriment of the dead. Each time a poor soul bites the dust, these two teens act as altar boys at the deceased’s funeral. Entirely dressed in white, they assist the priest in more boring ceremonies during which they can hit on girls, drink sacred wine and, especially, cut class. Once the stiff’s party is over, going back to school is out of the question. Rather, it’s time to roam the streets without fear of being caught. While they may belong to the church, Andy and Charlie are far from being choir boys. They’re floating on flawless happiness until David, their new colleague, shows up. A mama’s boy who understands nothing of their life philosophy, they’ll have to do whatever it takes to set him on the right track. That’s when the craziness begins. Having discovered that David isn’t as square as he first appeared, the diabolical duo get their hands on a mysterious suitcase of unknown contents and find themselves in the middle of a scheme orchestrated by a neighbourhood delinquent. Nothing in the world, however, can stop them from doing whatever they can to try to impress girls. Teenage boys do have their priorities, after all.

Beware, love at first sight! The McManus brothers’ FUNERAL KINGS is exactly the type of comedy that puts a smile on your face and keeps it there for the entire picture. Impossible not to fall under the charm of this suburban saga that’s filled with heartwarming characters everyone can easily relate to. Weaving from the essence of memory, the filmmakers have captured with unequaled precision the naive beginning of adolescence when one dreams of being an adult but is unwilling to grow up. Fueled by deliciously vulgar dialogue spoken by charismatic rookies, this first feature overflows with situations as chaotic as they are wacky, thought up by a very talented comic duo. Beyond the laughter can be found a touching drama about a friendship put to the test, one that has judiciously been compared to STAND BY ME. Produced by Fantasia regular Andrew van den Houten (THE WOMAN), FUNERAL KINGS marks the arrival of two directors who’ll soon be dethroning Greg Mottola, the creator of SUPERBAD.

— Simon Laperrière